Is your desktop always organized?


Bumptop bought by googleThe creator of 3D-Desktops “Bumptop” got recently acquired by google. Reason enough to think about organizing my own desktop. There are several techniques that you can use to keep your desktop organised. Some need heavy tool support, others work out of the box. It is not that I don’t like good gadgets, but when it comes to effectively organizing the core of my workspace, I like to keep thinks simple. Join me on a tour from 3D-Desktop to the simpler and more effective solutions.

Our first stop, are those 3D-Desktop systems. They give you additional walls to put your documents to, allow you to pile up similar documents, and basically look pretty. I think they are more often used to awe you collogues than to actually keep your desktop organised. Furthermore, all systems I tried had glitches in realisation or usebillity. I put them into the toy category.

Organisation through sizesSecond possibility: Use different Icon sizes. This again needs an extra tool to achieve. But at least we are using a reasonable paradigm. Bigger icons for more commonly used items. I actually like that, but I don’t want to use and maintain a glitchy buggy desktop tool.

Organisation through a schema of boxesThird possibility uses a wallpaper to keep the items on top organised. I went a while with this solution, but eventually had to realize that there are always items that can’t be but into a proper category. Furthermore items are changing categories, which needs extra work.

This is what my desk looks like

The forth and last way is my current way of choice. I simply order all items into some sort of picture. I just loosely arrange item into some abstract form. My mind builds some extra associations between an item and its position. Enough for me to always remember where which item was. The only thing I need to do is to keep deleting old items. But that is something I have to do in any solution.

How do you keep your desktop organised?

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