ClickWatch – Operating Testbeds for Network Devices


The central aim of ClickWatch is to mask the complexity of dynamic distributed hardware systems consisting of hundreds of nodes. For a user such a system appears as a simple centralized software system. This allows to accomplish the challenging task of administrating and monitoring large-scale test-beds. 

ClickWatch is an eclipse and EMF-based tool that allows to analyse and control networks programmed with the Click-API. The Click-API is a C++ based component model specially designed for routers. ClickWatch accumulates data from multiple network nodes. The status of the network as well as the generation of reports and network statistics can be easily accomplished using a model-driven transformation approach. With the help of a graphical interface ClickWatch accelerates the software development process. The status of the network can be analysed at runtime so that the user is able to adapt the router configuration to the changing environment.

This explains ClickWatch for the HWL network as an example:

Learn more about ClickWatch and out work at the Humboldt Wireless Lab here.

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