Publish or Perish on My Phone


In academia quantitative assessment of researchers by numbers of publications and citations becomes increasingly important. Indizes like the Hirsch-index (a.k.a h-index) allow to summarize those numbers into a single digit (hopefully your h-index has more than one digit).  With “Publish or Perish” Anne-Wil Harzing created a tool that allows you to  collect all necessary information about a researcher quickly and calculate all possible indices automatically. The catch: it only works on your desktop computer and it “only” allows quantitive analysis.

Now there is another tool called RocketScientist, and it runs on your Android phone. Furthermore, it presents a researcher in charts and word clouds. Thus, you can see numbers, reasearch subject, development over time, and co-authors all at once.

Here is a screen shot of what I look like on RocketScientist

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