Automated and Transparent Model Fragmentation for Persisting Large Models


Abstract—It is hard to experiment with test-beds for communi- cation networks: data produced in the network has to be retrieved and analyzed, networks must be reconfigured before and between experiments, data is often little structured (log-files) and analysis methods and tools are generic. Even though many problems of experimentation are the same for all experiments, re-use is sparse and even simple experiments require large efforts.

We present a framework that attempts to solve these problems: we define a set of requirements for experimenting with network test-beds, we describe the principles and inner workings of our framework, demonstrate it with a typical example experiment, and present measurement results that illustrate the feasibility and scalability of our approach. Some qualitative and quantitative aspects of ClickWatch are compared to the commonly used log- file based approach to experimentation.

Keywordsmeta-modeling, model-persistence, EMF, big-data, cloud, map-reduce


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