Evaluation of Model Comparison for Delta-Compression in Model Persistence


Abstract—Model-based software engineering is applied to more and more complex software systems. As a result, larger and larger mod- els with longer and longer histories have to be maintained and per- sisted. Already, a lot of research efforts went into model versioning, comparison, and repositories. Existing strategies either record and per- sist changes (change-based repositories, e.g. EMF-Store) or relay on ex- isting text-based version control systems to persist whole model revi- sions (state-based repositories). Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages. We suggest a hybrid approach that infers changes via comparison to persist delta-compressed model states. Our hypothesis is that delta-compression requires a trade-off between comparison quality and execution time. Existing model comparison frameworks are tailored for comparison quality and not necessarily execution time performance. Therefore, we evaluate and compare traditional line-based comparison, an existing model comparison framework (EMF-Compare), and our own framework (EMF-Compress). We reverse engineered the Eclipse code- base and it’s history with MoDisco to create a large corpus of evolving example models for our experiments.

KeywordsEMF, Persistence, Compression, Model Comparison


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